Krzeminski's Star

by Matthew James Briggs



“Centaurus X-3 (4U 1118-60) is an X-ray pulsar with a period of 4.84 seconds. It was the first X-ray pulsar to be discovered, and the third X-ray source to be discovered in the constellation Centaurus. The system consists of a neutron star orbiting a massive, O-type supergiant star dubbed Krzeminski’s star after its discoverer. Matter is being accreted from the star onto the neutron star, resulting in X-rayemission.” (Wikipedia)

That a star can exist out there, otherwise invisible to us except for a regular burst of X-ray radiation ever 4.84 seconds, is truly spectacular. Krzeminski's Star attempts to characterize the sense of wonder and mystery of being such a small creature in such a large universe.

The piece has three internal movements in the form slow-fast-slow. There is no silence between movements as the electronics make sonic transitions from one to the next.The first movement sets up the mysterious mood. In the electronics a wave of sound pulses every 4.84 seconds. NASA transmissions (from STS-31) are used to complete the space theme. The second movement retains a mysterious character but becomes a bit more playful with rhythmic hemiolas and unison melodic lines. The third movement returns to the character of the first as we again ponder the deep.


released May 28, 2015
Candice Chin, Violin
Matthew James Briggs, Composer, Percussion, Electronics



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Matthew James Briggs Seattle, Washington

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